Hey! My name is Chuofan and I am an experienced designer with a high degree of creativity to develop brand identity, visual communications, web design, UI/UX and digital illustration who contributes to the development of creative concepts and translates them into visual and interactive form. I have worked on Branding Identity, Visual Communication and Design Language for years and this is where my passion has been. I am always tasked to shape how an organization would design and communicate their brand voice across prints, digital and social platforms to ensure brand awareness and identity application.

Nothing is more fun than executing final production from developing initial concept. From brand identities to visual systems and print materials to digital platforms, I always do my best by applying proper design strategies and multiple ways of creative thinking in order to provide full satisfaction not only for my clients but also for myself. As an experience graphic designer who was born and raised in China, I tend to mix the charm and mystery of Eastern art with the rationality and functionality of Western design through a massive amount of research and exploration. I believe that the collision of these two entirely different cultures will result in creating a comprehensive solution that is suitable for almost all circumstances. It has always been my pleasure to find out that people are able to discover one or more positive perspectives of seeing the world after viewing my works.