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Increase revenue by always pursuing a better user experience, data-driven ads, and customized webpages for industry-leading clients. 
Brand Page

Brand pages are micro-sites that are devoted to a single brand with specific products. These pages contain a variety of modules, shopping carousels, and branded content written and designed for individual campaigns. These pages act as a “digital storefront” for Walmart customers to engage with advertisers and are an amazing opportunity to highlight new products & features in a compelling way. Brand Pages are accessed through onsite & offsite display banners or vanity URLs on Walmart's desktop and mobile platforms.

Client | EOS

EOS has a strong and playful visual language so I applied their gradient designs as backgrounds to interact with their packaging designs. I created individual sections for each of the three products for a better shopping experience. After the general introduction on the Hero POV, the page takes the shopper on a step-by-step guide to the Cashmere Shave routine. Images are used to feature the product packaging and textures and to spotlight essential ingredients.
Client | Colonbroom 

In order to combine Colonbroom’s branding voice with our guidelines and restrictions, I applied a variety of their branding elements (color palette, icons, illustration, fonts, etc) to the design. I also tried to connect the darker green organic shapes between modules to make the page more united and interesting. After the general introduction on the top modules about both the product and the app, the page shows the shopper the benefits of product usage with icons, illustrations and text. Images are used to feature the product packaging, ingredients, real user photographs and to highlight instructions.
Client | Cleancult 

Cleancult has a playful visual language and brand elements including illustrations, icons, font, and photography. The sky background image stands for the concept of "cleanness" and each of their packaging designs uses a different color to indicate a different purpose. After the general introduction on the Hero POV, the page takes the shopper to a product carousel and a video where they can learn about the product in more detail. There is also a step-by-step guide on how to use the product underneath the video and then a few more modules to break down the products' features further. 
Client | Salon Perfect 

Each product that we had to feature for this brand page had a unique packaging design, which made it harder to unify the design with one specific style. Therefore, I created a color palette and style guide for this brand page to utilize their lifestyle images, product shots, typeface, colors, and copy more effectively. After a general introduction on the very top module, I created 2-Item SKU carousels to achieve a more elevated look & feel within our brand page capabilities. Embedded subheads tie the images & carousels together for a seamless storytelling experience.
Client | Pipette Baby

In order to design a customized webpage with the brand in mind, I brought in organic shapes and color palette from Pipette’s website. For the module on top, I included a lifestyle image of a baby to introduce more personality and also to illustrate that this is a children's product. The module below the “Shop baby essentials” tagline leads customers right to the shoppable page to learn more about the products. I also pulled the grandfather and baby image from Pipette’s website and included the icons to increase brand awareness. The “Shop by category” module was created with colorful organic shapes to add a more playful approach. The product detail section at the bottom provides a more specific description of the products and their ingredients/functions. Overall, the webpage was designed with the brand in mind, and bringing in organic shapes and the brand's light green color helped create a consistent color palette across the entire page.
Walmart Onsite Display
Interactive advertisement design on Walmart website and mobile applications.
Display Ads

Display ads are created to showcase brands and products across & the Walmart app with an array of display ad opportunities - including homepage lockouts and custom brand pages - designed to increase awareness & engagement with multiple pricing models to choose from.
My Role

My duty as a designer is to translate a brand’s story into native, editorialized ads on Clients who are mostly Fortune 500 companies come to WMC with carefully crafted brand stories so that’s why I do my best to take care in telling those stories in Walmart's style. The objective is to convey clients' brand messages while staying true to Walmart’s native look and voice. To do this, I display images/illustrations from their sites to fit the advertising module formats that Walmart offers and supplement them with their brand logos as well as copies/slogans that follow our brand tone.
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