Legend Kicks
A tribute to Kobe Bryant by listing his accomplishments side by side with Michael Jordan's. 
Legend Kicks is a school project that I made for my graphic design studio class. It is a documentary collection book of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. We were asked to create an encyclopedia and I chose to work with these two legendary NBA basketball players. 
The idea of this book is to show the accomplishments that these two players had made along the journey of their careers. The reason this book was called legend Kicks was that they both had their own sneaker lines so their on-court sneakers updated each season. Therefore, those sneakers became important parts of their journeys and they created basketball histories and broke records with them. The concept of this book was also to directly compare these two players since most fans believed that they were very alike. The left pages were about Kobe Bryant and the right pages were about Michael Jordan. The color choice of the black and white pages was made due to the fact that Kobe preferred to be the villain and the killer of the game while Jordan was more like a god who had enlightened players and fans to love the game. 
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