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Increase revenue by always pursuing a better user experience, data-driven ads, and customized webpages for industry-leading clients. 
Brand Page

Brand pages serve as micro-sites exclusively dedicated to a singular brand and its specific products. Within these pages, a diverse array of modules, shopping carousels, and bespoke branded content is meticulously crafted for individual campaigns. Functioning as a sophisticated "digital storefront," these pages offer Walmart customers a captivating space to interact with advertisers. They present an exceptional opportunity to showcase new products and features in a compelling manner. Accessible through both onsite and offsite display banners, as well as vanity URLs on Walmart's desktop and mobile platforms, Brand Pages provide a seamless and engaging brand experience.

My Role

In my capacity as a designer within the Lightbox Creative team at Walmart Connect, I led the development of high-impact design concepts for seasonal campaigns deployed across diverse online channels and platforms. This encompassed crafting visually compelling elements for Walmart's website, mobile applications, and prominent social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

My responsibilities extended to the creation and design of digital banners, online ads, animations, and user experiences. Notably, I played a pivotal role in enhancing brand pages on Walmart's website, with a specific focus on Fortune 500 companies. The emphasis was on delivering graphic solutions and visual creatives that aligned seamlessly with both Walmart's and clients' branding guidelines for onsite and offsite advertising displays, as well as brand pages.

Throughout this creative journey, my commitment remained steadfast in upholding company policies, procedures, and ethical standards, aligning closely with Walmart's mission and values. Collaboration was paramount, and I collaborated closely with art directors to effectively address the needs of both clients and customers.

In a cross-functional capacity, I engaged with teams such as Brand Experience, Product Development, and Sales. Our collective goal was to enrich the shopping experience, drive product sales, and ultimately enhance customer satisfaction through a cohesive and visually compelling design approach.
Fortune 500 Clients

As a product designer with Walmart Connect, I contribute to projects catering predominantly to Fortune 500 companies. This involves collaborating with distinguished brands such as Netflix, Google, Nintendo, Bose, Intel, EA, Ubisoft, 2K, Coca-Cola, LG, Marvel, TCL, and more.
Client | Google Chromebook


In response to Google's mandate for an immersive and compelling representation of their latest Chromebook, our design team embarked on a journey to redefine the digital experience through a meticulously crafted web page. With a focus on integrating cutting-edge features such as unparalleled battery life, a high-fidelity screen, and a lightning-fast processor, our objective was to seamlessly marry form and function while adhering to the client's insistence on a polished and professional aesthetic.

Design Challenge: 

The challenge at hand was to strike a delicate balance between conveying comprehensive product information and maintaining a visually captivating layout. Recognizing the potential monotony associated with an abundance of textual data, our primary aim was to mitigate this concern and infuse a sense of dynamism into the design.


Our innovative solution revolved around the strategic integration of lifestyle images, engaging videos, and meticulously curated product shots. By leveraging a multi-faceted approach to visual storytelling, we sought to elevate the Chromebook's narrative beyond the limitations of text, offering users an immersive journey into the device's capabilities.

User Experience Focus: 

Our emphasis on a user-centric approach guided every design decision. The incorporation of lifestyle images allowed users to envision the Chromebook seamlessly integrating into their daily lives, while videos provided an interactive medium to showcase its features in action. Carefully curated product shots served as visual anchors, offering a detailed exploration of the Chromebook's design nuances.


The redesigned Google Chromebook web page stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation, aesthetic finesse, and user experience. The marriage of captivating visuals, brand coherence, and informative content ensures that users are not only informed about the device's capabilities but are also enticed by the overall design, setting a new standard for digital product representation.
Client | KISS + imPRESS


In response to the unique challenge of seamlessly integrating two prominent brands, KISS and imPRESS, into a singular web page, our design team has meticulously crafted a Gold Level Brand Page that embodies creativity, flexibility, and a harmonious fusion of experiences. Our objective was to present an abundance of information and visuals while maintaining a concise and engaging user journey.

Design Challenge

The primary challenge lay in curating a web page that accommodates a wealth of information and imagery for both KISS and imPRESS, without overwhelming the user or compromising the overall aesthetics. Striking a balance between inclusivity and brevity was paramount.


Our innovative solution revolves around the incorporation of two strategically placed buttons, each serving as a gateway to its designated brand experience. This dual-button approach ensures that users can seamlessly navigate between the KISS and imPRESS sections, thereby maintaining a concise and organized web page.

Interactive Elements

To enhance user engagement and provide a visual cue, hovering over each button triggers a dynamic display showcasing the products emphasized on the respective pages. This subtle yet effective interaction not only guides users intuitively but also adds an element of excitement to the overall browsing experience.

Efficient Information Delivery

Each section of the Gold Level Brand Page is meticulously designed to encapsulate the unique visual identity of KISS and imPRESS. From color schemes to typography, the design elements are tailored to reflect the distinct personality of each brand, ensuring a seamless transition as users navigate between the two experiences.

By dividing the content across two dedicated pages accessible through the intuitive buttons, we ensure that users receive comprehensive information without the burden of an overly lengthy web page. This strategic division also allows for a more focused exploration of each brand's offerings.


The KISS + imPRESS Nails Gold Level Brand Page is a testament to our commitment to user-centric design and creative problem-solving. By seamlessly blending interactive elements, brand representation, and efficient information delivery, we've not only met the client's request for a consolidated web page but also elevated the user experience to new heights, setting a standard for the integration of diverse brand experiences.
Client | EOS

Leveraging EOS's vibrant and playful visual language, I strategically incorporated their gradient designs as backgrounds, seamlessly interacting with their packaging concepts. To optimize the shopping experience, I meticulously designed distinct sections for each of the three products.

Initiating with a compelling introduction through the Hero POV, the page transitions into a step-by-step guide, offering shoppers an immersive walkthrough of the Cashmere Shave routine. Throughout this journey, visual elements, including images, are strategically employed to showcase product packaging, and textures, and highlight essential ingredients, contributing to an engaging and informative user experience.
Client | Colonbroom 

To seamlessly integrate Colonbroom's distinctive branding voice with our established guidelines and constraints, I systematically incorporated a range of their branding elements—such as the color palette, icons, illustrations, and fonts—into the design framework. A key focus was establishing visual cohesion by interconnecting the darker green organic shapes across modules, enhancing the overall unity and visual appeal of the page.

Following a comprehensive introduction in the top modules, providing insights into both the product and the app, the subsequent sections strategically communicate the benefits of product usage. This is achieved through a thoughtful integration of icons, illustrations, and text. Additionally, images play a crucial role in showcasing product packaging, ingredients, and authentic user photographs, and emphasizing usage instructions, contributing to a comprehensive and visually engaging user experience.
Client | Cleancult 

Leveraging Cleancult's lively visual language, I skillfully incorporated various brand elements, encompassing illustrations, icons, fonts, and photography. The utilization of a sky background image serves as a visual representation of the overarching concept of "cleanness," while the distinct color schemes employed in their packaging designs signify diverse purposes.

Commencing with a comprehensive introduction through the Hero POV, the subsequent sections guide the shopper through a product carousel and an informative video, providing an in-depth understanding of the product. A step-by-step guide on product usage is positioned beneath the video, enhancing user comprehension. Furthermore, additional modules systematically break down the product's features, contributing to a thorough and engaging user experience.
Client | Salon Perfect 

Curating a brand page that showcased products with distinctive packaging designs posed a challenge in achieving design unity. In response, I developed a comprehensive color palette and style guide specifically tailored to integrate the brand's lifestyle images, product shots, typeface, colors, and copy cohesively. Following a concise general introduction in the top module, I implemented 2-Item SKU carousels to elevate the visual aesthetics within the constraints of our brand page capabilities.

To ensure a seamless and engaging storytelling experience, embedded subheads were strategically introduced, effectively tying together the images and carousels. This meticulous approach not only addressed the challenge of diverse packaging designs but also enhanced the overall visual cohesiveness of the brand page.
Client | Pipette Baby

In crafting a tailored webpage reflective of the brand identity, I integrated organic shapes and the color palette from Pipette's website. The top module features a carefully chosen lifestyle image of a baby, injecting personality while emphasizing the child-centric nature of the product line. Directly beneath the "Shop baby essentials" tagline, a module seamlessly guides customers to a shoppable page for a deeper understanding of the products.

Drawing from Pipette's website, I incorporated an image of a grandfather and baby, accompanied by relevant icons to enhance brand recognition. The "Shop by category" module adopts a vibrant display of colorful organic shapes, infusing a playful aesthetic. The product detail section at the bottom offers a detailed description of each product, including its ingredients and functions.

The holistic design approach maintains brand cohesiveness by incorporating organic shapes and the brand's distinctive light green color throughout the entire page, ensuring a visually consistent and engaging user experience.
Walmart Onsite Display
Interactive advertisement design on Walmart website and mobile applications.
Display Ads

Crafted to spotlight brands and products, display ads serve as a dynamic tool for promotion across and the Walmart app. A diverse range of display ad opportunities, such as homepage lockouts and custom brand pages, has been meticulously designed to amplify brand awareness and foster heightened engagement. This comprehensive suite offers multiple pricing models, providing flexibility and customization to align with diverse marketing strategies.
My Role

As a seasoned UI/UX designer, my responsibility revolves around translating the essence of a brand into native, editorialized advertisements featured on Our clientele predominantly consists of Fortune 500 companies, each presenting intricately crafted brand narratives. My commitment lies in articulating these stories with precision, aligning them seamlessly with Walmart's distinctive style.

The primary objective is to effectively convey our client's brand messages while seamlessly integrating them into the native look and voice of Walmart. This involves curating images and illustrations from their existing sites, and meticulously adapting them to fit the advertising module formats provided by Walmart. Additionally, I integrate their brand logos and formulate copies and slogans that resonate with our established brand tone, ensuring a cohesive and impactful representation.
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