"Home with Walmart" 
Walmart Media Group Zoom background design contest 2020
When Walmart Connect was still called Walmart Media Group, the organization held a Zoom background design contest in 2020 within the organization for all designers from Walmart to participate. The task was to create a digital graphic, which could be either an illustration or an animation, to be used by Walmart employees during Zoom meetings as virtual background. The theme of the contest is "Home with Walmart" and participants had to upload their designs on to Sharepoint then several winners’ designs would be selected. The theme of this contest would be to use design and visuals to show that Walmart is at home with you. My approach was to create an animation that features items that would often be seen at home with a focus on Walmart branding language. I used the Walmart spark to re-imagine a variety of items such as a clock, screen saver, and light. My background design was chosen and used widely by Walmart employees during Zoom meetings.
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