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My role

Collaborated with CTO, CEO, and the leadership from the design and development team to bring the new visual direction to life. My roles include wireframe brainstorming, designing new features and components that are easy to adapt for different devices, monitoring the development process across different breakpoints as well as ensuring the design meets WCAG compliances. 


My mission is to create a new landing page using a more modern, artistic, and playful visual style to replace the old landing page with a blog & magazine look. Moreover, the old page had an abundance of content that was hard to locate. To improve user experience, maximize user engagement, and increase the potential for conversions, the new design provides quick and easy access to relevant content for viewers. 

The previous iteration of the landing page design exhibited several issues. Primarily, its aesthetic and layout lacked engaging and cohesive elements, which was particularly problematic considering it was a blog site dedicated to art and creative expression. Furthermore, it did not adhere to human-centric design principles, resulting in an unclear and cumbersome arrangement of content that hindered user navigation. Additionally, the design style of the landing page failed to align with the contemporary nature of NFT technology, failing to convey the platform's modernity.
Look and feel of the old landing page

Moodboard & Inspiration


The most significant enhancement lies in the structured organization of content on the landing page. Careful consideration has been given to categorizing and presenting content in a visually distinct manner. Notably, artists with whom Outland has closer collaborations now feature prominently within each content category's highlight section.

Innovative interactive elements and captivating motion graphics have been integrated to elevate the site's user experience, offering both entertainment value and enhancing the differentiation between content sections. The landing page's overall visual style has undergone a modern and tech-savvy transformation. By substituting the previous white background with a dark one, a subtle touch of mystique has been introduced, lending an air of intrigue to the site. This alteration also accentuates the artistic qualities of text and digital artwork through the utilization of color gradients.
Final Outcome

Due to confidentiality and legal considerations, the CEO and CTO of Outland conducted user testing with their clients independently, without my direct involvement. Following the completion of the user testing phase, they reported that the users encountered no difficulties in accomplishing a series of tasks on the landing page. Users did offer some feedback, including suggestions for potential improvements, such as the need for a more comprehensive alignment of the design style with the landing page's theme. However, the CTO mentioned that budget constraints prevent a full website update at this time, although such enhancements might be considered in the future.

In general, the users who participated in the testing, as well as the Outland team and their clients/customers, responded very positively to the redesign. They appreciated the comprehensive transformation of the previous landing page's visual style, without any loss or de-prioritization of content or information. Furthermore, my design approach introduced a more engaging and enjoyable experience for users and prospective buyers, with the belief that this would lead to increased site traffic and higher sales of their digital products.

Final Outcome

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