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My role

Welcome to Outland Art, where the realms of traditional art and crypto art converge seamlessly in a groundbreaking social platform. As the mastermind behind the new visual direction, I collaborated closely with the CTO, CEO, and the leadership of our stellar design and development team. My multifaceted role encompassed wireframe brainstorming, the design of innovative features and components tailored for adaptability across various devices, and meticulous monitoring of the development process across diverse breakpoints.

In this dynamic journey, my commitment extended beyond aesthetics to ensure the design's adherence to WCAG compliances, guaranteeing an inclusive and accessible experience for all users. Join us as we embark on a visual odyssey, where the fusion of art and technology takes center stage, and creativity knows no bounds. Welcome to Outland Art — where the future of social crypto art awaits your exploration.


Tasked with the mission of crafting a contemporary and visually engaging landing page, my objective is to overhaul the outdated blog & magazine-style interface with a more modern, artistic, and playful aesthetic. The existing landing page suffered from information overload, making content difficult to locate and diminishing user experience.

In pursuit of enhancing user engagement and maximizing conversion potential, the new design is meticulously curated to prioritize accessibility and user-friendly navigation. Through strategic visual elements, intuitive layouts, and a thoughtfully organized structure, the revamped landing page ensures swift and seamless access to relevant content for viewers. The goal is to not only elevate the overall user experience but also foster increased user engagement, ultimately boosting the platform's potential for conversions.

The prior iteration of the landing page design faced significant challenges. Chiefly, its aesthetic and layout lacked the engaging and cohesive elements essential for a blog site dedicated to art and creative expression. This deficiency posed a substantial issue, as the platform's visual appeal is crucial in capturing and retaining user interest.

Compounding the challenge, the design deviated from human-centric principles, leading to an unclear and cumbersome arrangement of content that impeded seamless user navigation. The lack of intuitive design elements hindered the user's ability to explore and interact with the platform efficiently.

Moreover, the design style failed to align with the contemporary nature of NFT technology, falling short in conveying the platform's modernity and relevance in the digital art landscape. Addressing these issues is paramount to not only rectifying the visual shortcomings but also ensuring a more intuitive and engaging user experience that resonates with the platform's forward-looking identity.
Previous Page Look & Feel
Moodboard & Inspiration


The pivotal transformation of the landing page revolves around the meticulous reorganization of content, emphasizing a structured and intuitive layout. Every detail has been carefully curated to categorize and present content in a visually distinct manner. Noteworthy is the spotlight on artists with closer collaborations with Outland, prominently featured within dedicated highlight sections for each content category.

A touch of innovation graces the user experience with the integration of interactive elements and captivating motion graphics. These additions not only entertain but also serve to enhance the differentiation between content sections, ensuring a dynamic and engaging browsing experience. The landing page's visual style has undergone a modern and tech-savvy evolution, marked by the substitution of the previous white background with a darker hue. This subtle shift introduces an air of mystique, elevating the site's intrigue factor. Simultaneously, the use of color gradients accentuates the artistic qualities of text and digital artwork, contributing to a more immersive and visually appealing environment.
Final Outcome

Despite my absence from the user testing conducted by Outland's CEO and CTO, confidentiality and legal considerations necessitated an independent evaluation with clients. Post the user testing phase, the findings were reported: users encountered no challenges in completing various tasks on the landing page. Valuable feedback was received, notably suggestions for improvements aligning the design style more comprehensively with the landing page's theme. However, budget constraints were cited by the CTO, preventing an immediate full website update, though potential enhancements are open for consideration in the future.

The response from users, as well as the Outland team and their clients/customers, was overwhelmingly positive. The redesign was appreciated for its comprehensive transformation of the landing page's visual style, striking a balance without compromising content or information priority. Importantly, the design approach introduced an engaging and enjoyable experience, fostering the belief that this would translate into increased site traffic and higher sales of their digital products. The positive user feedback serves as a testament to the success of the redesign in enhancing user satisfaction and overall product appeal.

Final Outcome

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