Vitru: Your AI Trainer
Access precise workout optimization powered by Vitru AI, ensuring informed strategies without ambiguity.​​​​​​
Vitru, your virtual trainer, customizes workouts based on your unique fitness goals, activities, and body metrics. With AI technology, it ensures optimal progress and achievement.
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Design System
User Research
User Flow
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2 Product Designers
1 UX Researcher
1 Front-end Engineer
3 Back-end Engineer
1 Producer

About Vitru AI

The App Store is filled with fitness apps, yet many face a recurring issue: inconsistent results. Most workouts are pre-recorded and lack true personalization. Even those labeled as "customized workout plans" are often generic, catering only to a few body types.

At Vitru, our goal is to revolutionize this experience with a mobile app powered by an advanced AI trainer. Our AI provides professional support and a uniquely tailored experience, ensuring users receive the personalized guidance they need to achieve their fitness goals.

Research Participants

The ideal user for Vitru AI is someone who regularly engages in fitness activities, whether it be weight lifting, boxing, yoga, running, or home workouts like push-ups. This individual prioritizes a healthy lifestyle and seeks to enhance their health and physical strength. They are committed to daily exercise but prefer not to hire a personal trainer, either from a gym or online. Instead, they desire an AI-driven digital solution that provides customized workout and diet plans at the click of a button, along with 24/7 live support and Q&A assistance.
Problem Statement

In the rapidly evolving landscape of fitness and health, individuals often struggle to find personalized guidance that adapts to their unique needs and goals. Traditional fitness plans lack the customization and real-time feedback necessary to ensure optimal progress and sustained motivation. Users require a solution that not only creates tailored workout plans but also monitors their progress, adapts to their performance, and provides comprehensive health insights.

To address the challenges identified among users who prefer alternatives to traditional workout methods, our solution aims to develop a user-centric application that emphasizes customization and real-time responsiveness through AI technology. With an intuitive interface, the application will utilize real-time data and user feedback to personalize workout and diet plans according to users' specific fitness goals, preferred activities, and individual body metrics.

Moreover, Vitru functions as a comprehensive progress monitor, tracking daily and weekly achievements and adjusting strategies to accommodate any deviations. This ensures that users stay committed and consistent on their journey to success.

Dashboard Screen

Upon completing the sign-up process, users are directed to the dashboard, which serves as the home screen. Here, users can select their workout of the day based on recommendations from the Vitru AI trainer. These workouts are customized according to the users' health conditions and exercise histories. Additionally, a blue circular button located in the lower left corner of the screen provides access to a menu bar, enabling users to navigate to all other screens.

Virtu AI Coach Screen

Users have continuous access to Coach Vitru for any workout-related inquiries. This advanced AI coach assists users in creating personalized training and diet plans tailored to their body conditions and exercise habits. Users can initiate their workouts immediately by selecting the plan generated by Coach Vitru within the chat interface.
Training Screen

After accessing the training screen, users have the option to scan their gym or workout environment, enabling Coach Vitru to identify available equipment and provide guidance on its use. If no suitable tools are detected to complete the designated workout routine, Coach Vitru will adjust the workout plan accordingly, suggesting alternative fitness activities to ensure users can still meet their daily workout goals.
Profile Screen

Users can access their fitness statistics, including muscle growth and workout progress, calculated by our advanced AI tool. Additionally, Apple Watch users can view real-time updates of their body metrics, such as calories burned, current weight, blood pressure, and heart rate. Vitru leverages these live stats to continually assess users' conditions, ensuring that workout plans, diet plans, and fitness goals are adjusted as needed.
Final Outcome

As the UI/UX designer, I led the development of the design system, visual language, and user flow, working closely with the product manager, stakeholders, development team, and marketing department. Several co-founders also participated in key meetings. I made sure all features and expectations were carefully crafted to meet and exceed client satisfaction.

Feedback from both users and the Vitru team was overwhelmingly positive. The visual style and user flow were praised for their modern and tech-savvy aesthetic. The design achieved a balance between visual appeal and content prioritization without compromising any information. This approach resulted in an engaging and enjoyable user experience, which we anticipate will lead to increased user numbers and significant growth of our digital products. The positive user feedback highlights the success of our design strategy in enhancing user satisfaction and overall product appeal.

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